CG Modeling Training Institute in Bangalore

A Full-time Diploma in Animation (With Specialization)

  • Foundational 3D education across multiple areas of study
  • Technical training with a focus on tools, concepts, and pipeline
  • Opportunities to create and collaborate on demo reel projects
  • Course training in digital medium
  • Production style training
  • Internship / placement assistance

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120 Students
120 Hours of
10 Core
50+ Seminars
CG Modeling Training Institute

About CG Modeling


This course begins with foundations of art and color theory. Along with traditional drawing, the student learns to draw and color objects, environments, and characters using a digital pen tablet. With a thorough understanding of storyboarding, the student moves on to 3D modeling using art and design principles. The student learns to model by creating household objects, progresses to create props and environments for animation and finishes with a high-quality character as well as hard surface models. By using a pressure sensitive digital tablet, the student is taught the basics of digital sculpting. The student starts with sculpting simple props, moves on to sculpting details for environment and finishes with creating his own stylized characters. The student shall also explore various production concepts for lighting the shots efficiently.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • The student should be of minimum 16 years of age
  • Minimum Qualification: 10th grade and above
  • Must have basic computer knowledge
  • Must have lots of passion
Student Works

Creatives by Student for Animation

2 Year Curriculum

Professional Diploma Program in CG Animation


  • History of animation
  • Overview of production pipeline
  • Fundamentals of art and design
  • Photoshop for digital production
  • Object drawing for animation
  • Perspective drawing for animation I
  • Colour theory and light in art I


  • Figure study for animation
  • Zoological drawing for animation
  • Colour theory and light in art II
  • Perspective drawing for animation II
  • Camera shots and angles
  • Storyboarding


  • Animatic creationPrinciples of animation in 2D
  • Character animation in 2D
  • Fundamentals of 3D
  • Rigging toolset
  • Setting keyframes
  • Graph editor and its applications


  • Prop rigging
  • Mel and python basics
  • Character rigging
  • Animation shot planning
  • CG prop animation
  • Storytelling with animation
  • Dope sheet and its applications


  • CG character animation basics
  • Animation cycles
  • Animation Layers
  • Animating with dialogue
  • Acting for animation
  • Advanced animation
  • Showreel planning


  • Resume building
  • Batch rendering and compositing
  • Video editing fundamentals
  • Final showreel development
  • Internship / Placement assistance

Career Pathways

Opportunities After Course Completion


Character Animator

Concept Artist

3D Modeler

Digital Painting

Rigging Artist

Game Designing

Texturing Artist

Lighting Artist

VFX Artist

Stop Motion Animator

Production Management

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